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“An effective press council can ensure that the reader is not harmed by unscrupulous or shoddy journalistic practices. The council can give the reader a platform from which to air his or her grievances against biased, inaccurate or inadequate reporting on matters of legitimate public interest.”

Minister of Information and Communications Technology (2009), Joel Kaapanda




The Media Complaints Committee assists the Ombudsman in deciding on whether or not a media house has contravened the Code of Ethics and Conduct for the Media. This committee is nominated by the public and appointed by the Editors’ Forum of Namibia. It consists of an equal number of public and media panellists.

The current Media Complaints Committee (13.09.2017 to 12.09.2023)
consists of the following persons:

1. Public panellists
. . .

Maj. Genl. (retired) James Tjivikua

Mr John Ekongo

Mr Manfred Naobeb

Mr Nehemia Joseph

2. Media panellists
. . . .

Mr Bernhardt
Hoandi !Gaeb

Ms Emilia Paulus

Mr Gerald Johr

Ms Yolanda Nel

The Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee, of three public and media panellists each, will be constituted from time to time to review appealed decisions of the Media Ombudsman and the Complaints Committee. The hearings of the Appeals Committee will be open to the public unless the identity of a sexual assault victim or a child is at issue.

Media panellists
. .  

Mr Hesron Kapanga

Mr Joseph Sheefeni